November Hello

November Hello

First let me say thank you for your service for all Veterans discount code THANKYOU10 (on California Collection) I served and as a disabled veteran I know that the price of freedom is not free. To my civilian clients thank you for stopping by my store and taking the time to read my blog you too can use the discount code. I had a smart businessman name Maxton who told me I should blog about starting a new business. I have been so overwhelmed with the daily grind of this new business I have not had the time to start my blog. So today while I was looking at the pile of earrings that I need upload pictures and descriptions I became overwhelmed so I thought I would just reach out and let you know why I started this business. After my disability retirement from the Department of Veterans Affairs I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and would not feel like a job. Well If you know me you know I love earrings that are large and speak for themselves and what girl doesn't enjoy shopping. So I thought I would bring my love of unique earrings to College Place Washington and you wherever you are in the world. I could have joined one of the popular jewelry business going around town and made my life a lot easier but I wanted control over what I shared with my clients. I did not want you to look generic or basic, so I shop for the different, wild, bold and extreme and it's my desire to help you find what you love too. If it is a lil microphone stud that is unique but lets everyone know that you love to rock the mic or maybe it is a pair of handcuffs to show your naughty side. I am here to find that pair of earrings that you may not find at your local Walmart, Maurice or boutique. If you have something in mind and you don't see it on my page then email me at and let me reach out to my sources to see if I can locate what your looking for. I am learning and growing everyday so you may come back to my page and see that things have changed, been added or removed but what you can always count on is my commitment to you and finding the cutest, fashionable, trendiest, and unique pair of earrings at an affordable price. Check out the Gold leaf earrings I picked up while shopping last week. I call them Washington Fall Leaves (they are all metal, which means they jingle in your ear but are super cute and a conversation starter) $8.00 This is a blog so comment below and let me know what you think of the earrings or what you would like to see more...And thank you for stopping by and supporting my business.


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I adore you selection of earings. This is my first order. I ordered nine pairs. Thank you for your service. I’m a veteran as well. I can’t wait to receive my earnings!


Those earrings are really cute I will order me a pair of those leaves. I love the wide selections you have and the fact that you don’t carry a big stock so everyone won’t be out there wearing the same style as me… Thanks keep up the good work.


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